Saturday, June 25, 2011


  So far, I've been posting music that is ten years old or older, but I don't want this thing to be a complete nostalgia trip. I still go to punk shows and I still think there are vital, exciting bands playing great punk music all over this world in 2011. CLEANSING WAVE is one of those bands.
    My band, NEON PISS, toured the east coast earlier this year and when we played in Worcester, CLEANSING WAVE  blew us away. They filled the punk-lined basement with green lights and fog and proceeded to drive the audience into a wild frenzy. The music is noisy, fast, chaotic, and trebley.with vocals run though an echo pedal. Punk as fuck, in the "bullet belt, sleeveless D-Clone shirt, huge tattoos, smash a beer can on your head and shotgun it" kind of way. I'm not usually so into this style, but I really like this band a whole lot. If you can track them down, get this tape! They are putting out a split flexi with GASH (Boston) in the near future.
                                    CLEANSING WAVE
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