Thursday, June 23, 2011

TRES KIDS Live in Huntsville, AL 1996

Tres Kids were a punk band from Athens, GA. They were some of the first punks I ever met from that town and I am still friends with their drummer (Jason) to this day. This show was actually inside of a fucking MALL after hours. I know the flier says it was "Cousin Vinnie's", but the show actually took place outside of the pizza joint in the mall. Tres Kids showed up late and played to an enthusiastically under-appreciative crowd who tried their best to ignore the hyper-fast punk that they were playing. They also tried to ignore the band sticking drumsticks up their asses. After they played, they offered their 7"s for sale and no one wanted them. Jason said "If someone buys a 7", I'll drink my own piss." All of a sudden, people were ready to buy their records. Being a man of his word, Jason drank his own piss.

  I'll warn you: the recording quality on this is pretty terrible. It was recorded on a really old handheld tape recorder by either Ramesh or Butch. Jason is still playing in bands like DIVORCE, NO!, AMERICAN CHEESEBURGER and currently SHAVED CHRIST. I don't know what happened to Benji and Doheny.


 You can download the first TRES KIDS 7" HERE

                                          photos by Butch
     Photographic evidence of crowd brutally ignoring a great band

 the whole flier wouldn't fit on the scanner


Unknown said...

I love Divorce, got any of that?

Harvester said...

I have their demo tape and CD...both are on the long long list of things to put on here.

B. Menace said...

Hey, holy shit! Awesome. Interested to see what else pops up here, oh yes...

keeferooni said...

Tres Kids shows were always good. Miss them sorely.