Sunday, June 26, 2011

JACK PALANCE BAND - 1st Tape - 1995? 1996?

  Jack Palance Band were (still are) the soundtrack to the lives of a lot of the people that I know and love. The songs on this tape are the formative stages of the greatness that this band evolved into. It sounds similar to the kind of people they were at the time: sort-of politically correct, sort of pop-punk kids who grew up on a steady diet of DRI, COC and any other tapes they could order from Thrasher Magazine in the 80's. If there was ever a book written on Region Rock and Chattanooga (and there should be), these guys would be in the first chapter and almost every single band mentioned in the book would name them as an influence. Eric Nelson (guitar/vocals) and Mike Pack (bass) should be given lifetime achievement awards for consistently playing completely badass punk for twenty years straight. (Buddha --their second guitarist but not on this tape--should also be given this award with a backup MVP award). Eric, Mike and Buddha are all still playing music together in HIDDEN SPOTS.
   This tape was, most likely, recorded on 4 track in Dalton, GA while a little drunk and high on ditch weed. This tape is warbly (although it was also like that when it was given to me by Eric in 96) and has been played in excess of 1000 times in the factory stereo of a Ford Festiva. In addition, it has been in my bag on countless tours, hitchhiking trips and played on numerous shitty tape decks all across this god-forsaken land.

Jack Palance Band at Heart Of Huntsville Mall 1996. Photo by Butch

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OH nooooooo. Do you still happen to have this one available?