Friday, June 24, 2011

BRIS--"Complete Discography" tape. 2000 (?)

  BRIS!! They were a punk as fuck band from Chattanooga, TN. Not like "bullet belts and charged hair" punk as fuck, but "I'm just gonna keep wearing these clothes that I've been wearing for the past 2 weeks and not give a fuck" punk. They started out as J.E.D. (which stood for "Jesus Eats Dick") but soon morphed into this wild sounding beast. Their only release was a criminally muddy sounding 7" (through no fault of their own. The songs came from this same recording, but the guy that pressed it got the songs from a third generation tape and it sounded like the band was playing underwater) that came out two or three years after the band broke up.  They are really one of my favorites  of all time! At one time, this band had 3 (!!) guitarists, one bass player, one drummer and 2 singers. This recording is from the 2 guitar days.You can read more about the band HERE
   Photo by ?????
     Features current and former members of Gravebound, ADD/C, Cavity, Forced Vengeance, Jack Palance Band, Are You Fucking Serious?, and about one million more.
       This photo by Brontez
      Next one by Blaire Newhard


s.k. shipwreck said...

oh man! you+tessa just made my day!!! i love this band, and i used to have the most darling zine cookbook from the singer. wow. i am so happy about finding your writing. yay!!!! go greg!!!!

xo smelley

Anonymous said...

I'm that guy. At the time, no one from the band expressed any interest in pressing a 7". Go fuck yourself greg.

Anonymous said...

I was 18 when I put out that recording. I used money from my high school graduation to fund it. You're a dickhead.

Harvester said...

Thanks for the comment! Good to hear from you! Keep on chooglin'!