Sunday, March 16, 2014

ZEITGEIST - "Tour Tape" - 2013

   The first time I saw ZEITGEIST, I was having a pretty bad time and the last time I saw them was no exception. To be honest, I was having a Really Bad Time, but I knew that seeing them would probably make me feel better, even though they were playing in a shitty bar that I swore I would never step foot back into. When you're on tour though, it's hard to have much control over where your band is gonna play and maybe you're not aware that the venue you're playing at provides a platform for the absolute worst aspects of punk to bloom, unchallenged by outside forces. So, I went because ZEITGEIST still plays a good game even though they were dealt a shitty hand. Did I have to get really drunk to even think about walking in to that place? Well, yeah. Blacked out? Possibly.
   From what I remember, ZEITGEIST played their hearts out to a room half-full of walking shit stains (including myself) on a crappy weekday night. I bought this tape from them because I like their demo tape and I like their 12" record even more. On this tape, the band is progressing further into more of a melodic sound. They've always been melodic, but their singer Tilley is adding even more tunefulness to her screaming. There's a slight Mia Zapata and Kathleen Hanna influence creeping in, but only slightly. To type that out feels wrong, but I'm just gonna say it anyway. The tape is good. It's punk. The "ooooo"s on "Witch Girl really sold me on this tape though. Well, the whole song, but that part in particular. If I had moved to Pittsburgh instead of San Francisco (which almost happened), I would go see this band all the time.

Photo by Jake Reinhart.

I fucked up and the last song plays first. Don't let that stop you from enjoying. 


Dave Ferner said...

this is awesome! rock and Rolla!

Anonymous said...

thanks again for posting us greg! wish we could've hung out at the show more. cheers! -Kevin // Zeitgeist

Dave Ferner said...

Any Lyrics for this? thanks for the rock !

Harvester said...

Nah. I always include scans of all the tape artwork/lyrics in the download and this one didn't have a lyric sheet.

Anonymous said...

Great band!
Singer reminds a bit of Yvonne of MANSON YOUTH and COMBAT NOT CONFORM. She works at FRANKEN in Berlin, guess she loves tapes