Wednesday, March 12, 2014

OFF DA PIGS - 12" EP - 1998

   Before I get into the story behind this record, let me get into the story behind the story. You see, I know next to nothing about this record and, to be honest, I don't even really like it that much, but I actually had a few requests to put this one online, so here it is. I emailed the drummer, Scottzy, a while back to ask him a few questions and he said I should give him a call. Rather than blindly ask him stuff about a band I know nothing about, I asked an old friend named Jason (who is a legitimate fan of this band) to interview some ex-members. Jason was happy to do it, but time passed, I freaked out and quit all social media for a bit...and then I lost contact with Jason. Shit happens. So, I'm sorry if you're into this band and this isn't the info you wanted. Jason, if you see this and got around to writing up anything, feel free to send it to, and I will repost this whooole damn thing.
    So here's what I know..or think I know...Some SF Mission gangbanger kids worked in a kitchen with some SF Mission punks. They probably bonded over the menial drudgery of soul-sucking wage slavery, cheap drugs and burritos from Taqueria Cancun. I don't fucking know. What I do know is that they eventually ended up playing music together and putting out a 4 song 12" EP on Probe Records. What does it sound like when members of HICKEY and THE FAGGZ get together with some neighborhood rapper kids and collaborate on a record? Well, why you don't you click on that download link and hear for yourself.

I just think it sounds like Judgement Night

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Ski said...

Cancun has always been my favorite taqueria in SF! I love those wet burritos!