Saturday, March 1, 2014

DISHPIT - Demo - Tape - 2012

   Minneapolis is really different from a lot of other places in the US. Today, their current temperature is 1 degree F. Tonight, it'll be negative 15. I never visit during these times, but when I see some of my friends before or after winter, they're very matter-of-fact. Short, simple answers. Busy, but happy to see you. The kind of psyche that has lived through 25-35 incredibly harsh winters. A lot of my favorite music has come from Minneapolis and most of that music can be very dark and cold. DISHPIT is neither of these things.
    My band played with DISHPIT in a dark, smokey warehouse in Minneapolis a couple of years ago. I was talking to a group of friends out front as the band was kicking into their first song. The friends were tersely discussing whether or not they should leave because they just felt tired and kind of bored. Then, one of them heard DISHPIT and smiled for the first time all night. He said "DISHPIT is playing!" and all of them ran inside. I followed and watched all of them as they danced and smiled more than I had ever seen any of them smile in my life. If you have that kind of effect on that level of detachment, you must be doing something right.
   DISHPIT, plain and simple, plays punk rock with lyrics about hopping trains, crustlords, stealing, shitty jobs and any self-respecting punks's favorite board game, Scrabble. They have some definite influences of 90's pop-punk and early 00's region rock but seen through the eyes of younger traveling punks. Their singer Gary really pulls the whole thing together with his rapid-fire, sort-of bratty approach to melodic punk. It might make your jaded heart sing once more.

They also put out a 7", which you can order here. Might as well order the "Punks Win" comp too. It's really good. 


matt said...

that was a hell of a show to feel ''kind of bored" at. i always forget how much the winters suck because the summers are the best anywhere. just ask dishpit.

Harvester said...

yeah, it was one of my absolute favorites of tour. Every band was great!

gary said...

hey greg this is gary from dishpit. just wanted to say thanks for posting this! i've been referring people to this page when i'm trying to book shows and it's been really helpful to actually have this tape be download-able!
hope things are good out in california. take care and see you next time!