Wednesday, March 5, 2014

VACCUUM - Demo - Tape - 2009

   The one time that I saw VACCUUM, it kinda went like this:
Show up at venue
Pay money to get in
Walk up to the front to see VACCUUM already playing.
Watch them play for about 45 more seconds
When the song ended, their singer Robert said, "Thanks! Goodnight!"
Walk out of the venue and go home.
I never saw them again and then they broke up.
   Luckily, they left behind this demo tape and a smattering of fucked up remixes to remember them by. VACCUUM plays noisy raw-punk in the vein of those fucking shoestring heads who like to makes their amps sound like a headache on Monday morning, but I don't think any of these folks ever used their shoestrings for anything other than their intended purpose. They shit out 9 songs that sound like hate and more hate. Since you didn't ask, my favorite song on here is their theme. Features members of NO STATIK, PEDESTRIANS, MORPHEME, RITUAL CONTROL and many, many more.

Truthfully, I prefer this tape and their collaboration EP with PIG HEART TRANSPLANT, but this is still pretty great. 

Not to be confused with the old band from Holland, VACUUM, who only had one "C" in their name. Totally different...different spelling. You know, like when VANILLA ICE tried to explain how "Ice Ice Baby" was nothing like "Under Pressure".(go to 1:50) 

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