Sunday, March 2, 2014


MONOTONIX - Uncle Fester's - 2008 - Bloomington, IN - Photo by Greg Harvester

BEFORE THE FALL - Casa Fantasma - 2002 - Berkeley, CA - Photo by Greg Harvester

HELEN GILLET - My Bedroom - 2004 - New Orleans, LA- Photo by Greg Harvester

NAIL - A VFW Hall - 1994 - Birmingham, AL - Photo by Greg Harvester

D.V.D.A.N.C. - Oh My! - 1999 - Asheville, NC - Photo by ???

THE JAG OFFS - In a Back Yard - 1998 - San Pedro, CA - Photo by Greg Harvester

One of My Favorite Crowd Shots - Billy Joe's House - 1999 - Soddy-Daisy, TN - Photo by Greg Harvester (I think ASTRID OTO was playing at the time)


smoke ass said...

what does DVDANC stand for?

Harvester said...

The Dick Van Dykes were a (sort-of) hardcore band from Pulaski, TN/Huntsville, AL/Chattanoo0ga, TN. 2/3rds of the band moved to Asheville, NC and got a drummer that didn't really know how to play the drums. The lightning fast songs became slower and more melodic. The band became Dick Van Dykes Asheville, North Carolina to differentiate themselves from the still-existing hardcore band.