Thursday, January 23, 2014

YOUR HEART BREAKS / STEBMO / KARL BLAU / TEAM GINA / LAKE - "Sensual Seduction / The Right Stuff" - Cassingle - 2008

 To start off this entry, I would like to point out that this is the 420th post on the blog and that ties into the reasoning for posting this today. I don't care about weed, but a lot of people do, so this is for them...I guess. Are potheads into this kind of shit? I don't give a fuck.
  What we have here is a two song cassingle of some totally ridiculous shit, which is the perfect kind of music to put on such a format. In what could possibly be one of the more bizarre DIY collaborations in recent years, members of YOUR HEART BREAKSTEAM GINASUNN O)))EARTHLAKE and KARL BLAU team up to bring you their own special versions of SNOOP DOGG's "Sensual Seduction" and NEW KIDS ON THE BLOCK's "The Right Stuff".  I mean, what more can I tell you? Happy 420th post!

What's possibly even more ridiculous is that this tape was pressed onto a 7" record with spray painted (??) covers. I have one. If you want your own, click over to Off Tempo to order one.


Dk said...

I don't know about other weed heads, but this isn't something my ears would normally be focusing on while smoking (usually they're scanning for voices that might be reporting an illegal odor - use incense people). That being said, "Sensual Seduction" has a nice relaxing feel to it. The THC seems to come right through the speakers. Can't say much about the B-side other than I hate New Kids on the Block..though if they didn't exist & this was my introduction to "The Right Stuff" it wouldn't be so bad.

Harvester said...

On the 7" liner notes, the members want you to believe that this NKOTB song is the unearthed demo version from the 80's. so, it's kinda like they didn't exist...maybe.