Saturday, January 11, 2014

MEGAN MARCH - Top Ten of 2013

  Besides having a tremendous head of hair, Megan March is also an outstanding drummer and has been a good friend for a long time. She doesn't remember this, but once she taught me how to tune a set of drums....a skill I promptly forgot...and a skill she claims to not possess. Tuned or not, she still makes them sound good and, more importantly, she hits really hard. She does a lot more than just hit drums, but this is what this is all there. You can find her playing in STREET EATERS and WILD ASSUMPTIONS. (P.S. I'm honored that I showed up on this list among such other skilled wizards)

   My top ten this year is about drummers I saw play live in 2013. Of course this is in no real order other than alphabetical - just 10 really great talented drummers that I enjoyed gawking at while their bands played. We don't need a media machine's idea of a rock idol because our friends and community are so bad ass. Plus, everybody seems to overlook all the busy work most drummers are doing, so this is a small homage to all the creative, rudiment driven, stick breaking wild asses that kept the beat in 2013. Some of these bands broke up this year, or decided to go into hiding. I can guarantee you I've forgotten a few, so this is by no means an end all list of good punk drummers!!

 1. Adrien Tenney - SPOKENEST


 3. Greg Harvester - NEON PISS (RIP)

 4. Jamie - STILLSUIT


6. Justine and Hozoji - LOZEN

7. Lillian Marring - GRASS WIDOW (RIP?) and WET DRAG

 8. Rich Gutierrez - SOURPATCH (RIP) and PERMANENT RUIN


 10. Susie - QUAALUDES

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Great idea for a top ten!