Monday, January 13, 2014

ERIN YANKE - Top Ten of 2013

    Erin Yanke lives in Portland, plays drums in SOCIAL GRACES, works at KBOO, used to write the entire demos column for Maximum Rock n Roll and has given me better life advice that most other people. Here's the ten things that kept her going this year.

Spray Paint – S/T LP and Rodeo Songs - SS Records

   I knew of Spray Paint from their singles, but the records and getting the absolute treasure of seeing them live in 2012 TWICE gave me high expectations for their first full length record. They scoffed at my expectations, while blowing me away. And THEN did it again! I gush... but they are worth it. PLEASE listen to and love this band. Everything good about punk – freedom to create loud catchy and weird music that resonates deeply.

Neo Boys - Sooner Or Later - K Records 

   The first all female punk band in Portland. Before this record, there were only about 8 songs out in the world that they wrote, now there's a double album! They were a fantastic band, they are fantastic people who are still so dedicated to women's equity and freedom and fun! I love them. I love that this record is finally out.

 Una Bestia Incontrolable - Observant com el mon es Destrueix – La Vida Es Un Mus 

   I love when bands take hardcore and push the limits. Who knows if anyone else is attracted to the drone, the bird noises, the depth, and the wait that's going on here, but I certainly am. There are other things to love about this record, but I'll stop there.

  UV Race - Greatest hits volume 2 

    Maybe this record only exists Digitally, because it's actually 7”s complied. But damn geniuses living on the other side of the world make it hard to keep up with the releases, and I'm not so quick on picking up records these days, blah blah blah. “Garbage In My Heart” was my go-to bad mood song this year, and “Speed Freak” was my go-to late night dance hit song of the year.

 Las Otras – Las Otras 12” - Discos Sense Nom

   Yes, it makes me riled up and makes my anger and frustration cathartic and fun! Feminist, political, smart, interesting, critical, a fantastic modern band critiquing our world. And great people on top of it! So good!

Long Knife – Wilderness – Feral Ward

   Best Poison Idea record in a long fucking time! And yet, so much more than local boys/local hero worship. There is one song where the vocals go all backwards and fucked up, and that's when I went from fan to total fan. This is a soundtrack to my experiences on late night public transportation, waiting rooms and holding cells, the heroin burger king, etc. This record makes me feel sane and grounded.

  Gas Rag – Human Rights – Beach Impediment 

   I think the first 10 times Cissie played this on the radio show this year, I asked her what it was. Classic no frills no fuss hardcore. Thrash part thrash part mosh part thrash part. Thank you!

 Flesh World – Flesh World – La Vida Es Un Mus

   I heard tales of this in the summer, and I'm glad it came out in the stormiest Portland month. It's dark and energetic, catchy and coy.

 Love Triangle – Clever Clever – Static Shock

  Thank you Greg Harvester for pointing this one out to me! Scratches the same itches as Jay Reatard with more bounce, more zest or the Marked Men with more snot. I listened to this over and over at work one day and was asked who this band was a lot! Pretty good job making the hippies and the activists take notice!

 The worst news this year was the fact that Richie Ramone put out a record called “Entitled”. Do you believe that shit? Fuck that guy.

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