Friday, March 1, 2013

STREET SONGS - Summer '98 - VHS

   My friend, Chad recently unearthed the "Street Songs" VHS tape and put it online. I used to hitchhike around the south with this in my bag and organize punk movie nights in different towns just to get people to watch it. I usually paired it up with "Beyond the Screams" and the night was always a success. 
   "Street Songs" is a 8mm document of the summer of 1998 in San Francisco when all the punk clubs got shut down, so the punks just played on the streets and in the parks, using a generator for power. It also features footage of anti-war parades, dyke marches, dogs eating weird shit and the palm tress on Mission Street. Bands included are SHOTWELL, MIAMI, 50 MILLION, HUMAN BEANS (footage only. No music unfortunately) and Chattanooga's own SPAWN SACS. Locations are the doorway of Leed's Shoe Store (now a corporate shoe store at 22nd and Mission), 16th and Mission BART and Dolores Park. I can barely watch this video without my eyes tearing up for various reasons that I won't go into here.

  (The Youtube video is mislabeled. SHOTWELL "Under Law" is a 20-30 minute SHOTWELL tour video, also on 8mm, that was usually on the tape after "Street Songs". It's not Chad's fault that Jimmy Shotwell is a willfully confusing man.)



smoke ass said...


i have a copy of street songs that chad dubbed over to VHS for me some years ago. i don't have a copy of "under law" though, do you? if so, any chance i could get a copy, like a physical dub copy from you? i could pay you.

Harvester said...

I have it, but I don't have a way to dub VHS tapes and don't really know how to digitize them (yet). I'm sure, like everything else in the world, it will be online one day soon.