Sunday, March 31, 2013

CRIMENY - Demo - Tape - 2002

   Here's a band I know absolutely nothing about! Friend of the blog and lovable freak-about-town, Josh sent this one over to Remote Outposts HQ (which, for the record, is neither an imposing edifice nor an underground lair, but is simply my tape-strewn bedroom) to share with the world-at-large...or small. Josh said he loooooved this band when they were around and this tape had been lost in the shuffle for a few years. For a recent (?) birthday, his friend Ben bestowed this tape unto Josh and he felt as if the chakras had been aligned once more. I sent out a smoke signal (okay, maybe it was a text) to my friend Morgan to try and track down info on these guys, since both he and the band are SF natives and he had a bit to say....(I'm sure Morgan didn't intend for this email to be posted as-is. I was gonna edit it, but how do you edit brilliant terms like "ass-helmet"?). Here he is...

Morgan, Rio (from Mission Mini-Comics)and members of the band at Morgan's grandma's trailer park in Tigard, OR.

They were a relatively short-lived band: ~late 2001-2002.
 Zane Groshelle: guitar and vocals 
Tyson Vogel: bass and vocals 
Angus Haller: drums 

   The tape was recorded in Joe Demaree's garage on 7th Street in San Jose in May 2002, in preparation for CRIMENY/FUCK YEA! AVOCADO/LOS RABBIS tour. Undeniably influenced by HICKEY and some of the darker old mission sounds ala the likes of LOST GOAT, FAGGZ, TOWEL, etc. The bulk of their shows were at houses, on the street, or east bay warehouses now long lost to the blight of sweeping ass-helmet gentrification. 

 Assorted trivia: Zane also played in FUCK YEA! AVOCADO. Soon after CRIMENY's demise, he moved to Santa Cruz and started a great two piece band called BROWN RECLUSE, whom I'm pretty sure never recorded anything. Tyson went on to tour the world with TWO GALLANTS (which he's still doing), as well as assorted side projects (PEOPLEPEOPLE is one with Antonio and Andrew from OVENS/TRAINWRECK RIDERS)-- He also does a solo project called DEVOTIONALS. Angus was the original drummer of THE JOCKS (my first band; this may be useless information-- he only played our first two shows), and went on to play all sorts of bizarre music, but often was just known to 'jam out' with random garage lurkers throughout the Outer Mission and Bernal. I hope he's still playing music, cause he's a great drummer and a solid weirdo.


Anonymous said...

Awesome! I played the hell out of this tape back in 2002.

gooniestorm said...

i loved this band!
brown recluse put out a couple of recordings, if i remember correctly. (and by "put out," i mean burned cdr's and gave them away at shows) one was more of a noisy rock thing, and one was just acoustic guitar and violin, and was all melancholy and beautiful and shit. i could be wrong, my memories of the early 00s are a big jumble.

E.Conner said...

Angus is my co-WORKER!!! TRUE STORY!!! hahahahaha those jncos!!! this photo is going up at work!!!

Future Twin said...

Tyson Vogel currently plays drums and other sonic assortments with SF band, Future Twin. Antonio Roman-Alcalá (PEOPLEPEOPLE) also played drums in Future Twin, and remains an integral component of the band's output.