Saturday, March 9, 2013

Useless Chatter / Life Update

   I haven't updated this in a bit because life has been busy with work, shows, projects, friends in town, long walks with said friends, art shows, flat bike tires and other fun stuff. The flyer above is for a show this upcoming Tuesday in San Francisco at the Knockout. RAT'S REST is a new band from Kansas City featuring my best friend, Cinque. You may know him from bands like ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT, HELLO SHITTY PEOPLE, STREET LEGAL and many many more. I will be dj-ing vinyl between bands, for some weird reason. If you're in the area, come on out.

   My band just put out a new 7". If you would like to order a copy from us, you can get it on our page here. You can also get it from Vinyl Rites. You can also download it for free on our bandcamp page. If you want to donate a few bucks, you can do that too. We'll use the money to make more stuff or put it towards recording. If you want to keep up with our shows (only local ones until late in the year), you can find that info here.

   I'm going to sleep for 15 hours. When I wake up, I will post some more music. Until then, just go listen to COUNTY Z. It's totally worth it. 

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