Monday, March 25, 2013

LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS - "Bat / X-Rod" - Cassingle - 2012

   You may remember when I wrote about this band's first demo last summer. Since then, that tape went on to be my favorite tape of last year. I would walk down the streets of SF, listening to their spiraling, sprawling, fucked up madness and wish that my head would spin off of my body, fly through the air, crash through the shiny windows of a brand new condo, latch onto the face of a tech worker and chew his/her fucking lips off while screaming "ONE OF THESE DAYS, YOU'RE GONNA FACE THE MEAT!!!!" Yes, it's that good. (The link for the first tape is dead now. Go and get it from their Bandcamp page)
    This two song tape was put out as part of a Halloween cassingle series, which also included TRAUMA HARNESS, ORANGE SODA and KOWABUNGA KID. LUMPY AND THE DUMPERS howl their way through one punishing original song about running from a pack of bats. They have a sound that can only be made by cheap instruments, playing everything as hard as you can and a truly damaged singer. Side 2 is a cover of the MAX LOAD song "X-Rod", which is my first intro to this 1979 punk band from LUMPY's hometown of Belleville, IL. Like the first side, it also destroys.

The band invites you to send them "bones in viscous substances" at 21 W Garfield, Belleville, IL 62220.

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