Sunday, March 17, 2013

ENDEMICS - Demo - Tape - 2011

   I used to share a practice space in SF with ENDEMICS and sometimes I would show up a little too early to my own band practice to find that they were still there working on new songs. I have very fond memories of hanging out on the couch outside while listening to Sarah Beth croon away at their new stuff and Lil' B penned expertly crafted guitar hooks (He was using ALLERGIC TO BULLSHIT's old guitar, which never stayed in tune, but he could somehow pound away at it without tuning at all). I was at their first show and remember telling friends how they sounded like a fully formed entity, rather than any other band playing their sloppy first show. I was also at (what I believe was) their second show, which happened to be at a farm outside of Athens, Ohio and all the punks danced when they played.
   This tape isn't their first demo (if I can dig that one up, I'll put it here). I think this one was supposed to be an LP, but the band almost dissolved before it could be released, with their drummer Mason moving to LA and their bass player, Sonia getting too busy with school. I'm sure the fact that Sarah Beth was in nursing school also played a factor, but who knows? Well, to be honest, I don't really know the circumstances, but the band kept moving forward with two new members: Maren (from QUIET COYOTE and CHER HOROWITZ) joined on drums and Chrissy (from ALABASTER CHOAD) started playing bass for them. They're still around, but I've been out of town when they've played recently. If you need an herbal consultation, a good fuckin laugh (because they are funny people, they don't make funny music), someone to take your stitches out or intense Mia Zapata-like vocals, ENDEMICS are there for you.

I listened to John Denver while writing this.


Dk said...

I sure hope you can find their other demo, Greg. This tape continues digging its roots into my soul. So eerie how similar those vocals sound like Mia Zapata, but like in authenticity not imitation. Such a wonderful band.

Harvester said...

Still working on finding it. It's around here somewhere. Glad you like it.