Wednesday, February 27, 2013


   I was just gonna write "fuck you" for the entire text for this one, but then decided against it. I don't really know anything about this tape. BROKEN STRINGS is Adam from TOMMY LASORDARAINBOW BRIDGE and LOS RABBIS playing home recorded solo stuff. He put out an LP a few years ago under this name that was just phenomenal. These two songs are more lo-fi (somehow) and "out there". I like them a lot.
  ICKY GIRLFRIENDS were screaming out of weird little holes in the Bay Area some years back and they completely eluded any notice from me. I never really knew they were there until they were gone. This tape is the only thing I've ever heard by them and it sounds like screamy, bratty teenagers having more fun than I was in 2006. Their full length CD is still available from Starcleaner.

This one is from the bag of Mike Wilson's tapes on my floor.


Mike Wilson said...

One thing worth mentioning about Icky Girlfriends is that Ian Rogers from that band is currently in a really cool Oakland band called HIGH ANXIETY.

joshua leon harper said...

Icky Girlfriends were awesome! CHAOS in the living room of APGAR when they "played".

gooniestorm said...

after the icky girlfiends a couple of the members played in a band called "titties on a fucking unicycle." you can find their cds in the trashcan at thrillhouse records.

Harvester said...

Ha! I'll take a look. I found 3 cds I wanted in their free box this week.