Saturday, February 9, 2013


   I could tell you all about southern punk scenes that you never knew you cared about. I could tell you about the entire history of a single punk house in the Midwest. You know what I can't tell you about? The hardcore scene in Indianapolis, Indiana. I lived 45 miles south of there on and off for years, but I never went to one punk show in Indy (unless you count X, but that's different). I went to a pretty killer art show and I once scoured the city for any traces of black and white photobooths with my friend Amy (no luck), but punk and I never met within the city limits. I once heard about a punk fest happening there called Dude Fest and I was like "Fuck that."
   Still, like anywhere, punk and hardcore screams out of basements, living rooms, dive bars, galleries, taquerias, alleys and bedrooms all over the world. Indianapolis, I'm sure, has a thriving punk scene and CRITICAL RESPONSE TEAM was once ruling the basements of that city. They play aggressive hardcore, skate-thrash with a singer that sounds like one big swollen throat (I mean that in a good way). They blast out 11 songs in about 12 minutes or so. Choice song titles include "To Eat a Pizza" and "Fuck Space Travel".

The only thing I know about this band is that their guitarist went on to be in LANDLORD and FAT SHADOW. 

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