Tuesday, February 12, 2013

HICKEY - "The Ultra Heliocentric Underworld Of The Most Evil Terrifying and Naked Cult Of Hickey. Rare and Unreleased, Unstoppable Rock!!" - 1998 - Tape

   If you're at all familiar with this blog and many of the artists that I've shared on it, I don't need to tell you why HICKEY is important. I discovered punk through THE MINUTEMEN and THE RAMONES. It was because of HICKEY (along with BLACK FORK, BIKINI KILL and 50 MILLION) that I became fiercely attracted to the DIY aspect of punk that keeps me going today and their influence still informs just about every musical decision I make. It's kinda ridiculous.
   I copied this tape off of my friend Ivy way back in the late 90's. Initially, I was not that into it and preferred the band's piles of 7" EP's and their unfuckwithable LP. As time marched on, the songs on here kept creeping into my life and many of them became some of my favorites by the band. HICKEY was known for having a remarkable live show. Sometimes, they played all of the "hits" back to back. One time, I saw them and they just kinda jammed for a long time. It wasn't bad. The 3 members became an intuitive, unstoppable unit that was not afraid of experimentation and going out on a limb...even when it failed. I think some of that comes across on this tape.

  The tape starts off with a couple of unreleased (?) songs and then delves into the band's epic cover of MANOWAR's "Kingdom Come". That song originally appeared on the Probe Records compilation "Death To False Metal", but this is the original six-and-a-half minute version with an extended jam (p.s. it rules). Next up is a weird version of "Last Nite on the Planet" with Shell (I think..it sounds like him. Edit: It's Aesop) making pro-wrestler comments throughout. The next few songs are by HICKEY MILLION, who you can read about if you follow that link (and yes, you can download the file on that page when you get to it). The rest of the side is filled with jams, cover songs (SQUEEZE, DAVID BOWIE, GUNS N ROSES, STOOGES), alternate takes and interviews with teenagers at a live HICKEY show. Side 2 (or for you, song #21) kicks off with a radio promo and goes straight into a live set on KDVS in Davis, CA. There's more jams, a really cool duet with Matty and Allison Wonderslam, more cover songs (AVENGERS and SABBATH) and that damned trumpet they stole from VOODOO GLOW SKULLS all those years ago.
  I'm still constantly impressed by the amount of stuff that this little band recorded in their brief lifetime...and how much of it is really great! I mean, there's still more, although the further you dig, the sadder it gets. Drug addiction is not pretty, folks, so let's just stop here and enjoy this great band and all the years of inspiration they have injected into our lives.

(Just to warn you, this is a large file. 230mb)

Thanks to Ivy Jeanne for the source tape (mine is thrashed).
Thanks to Aesop for giving the green light and drumming on these recordings.
Thanks to MRR for digitization help.
Thanks to Chubby, Rizzler, Wade and Shell for making it out alive.
Thanks to Matty Luv for everything. R.I.P.

...and since Valentine's Day is right around the corner, why not check out this live HICKEY set from V-Day 1997?


smoke ass said...


You say the further and further you dig deep into HICKEY the darker it gets. Interesting. Until finding your blog I had heard anything other than the HICKEY discography CD. I'd actually like to hear more of their much later/sadder/darker stuff too. February has been a rough month for me so far, so it seems like it would be fitting.

Harvester said...

If you start digging into the Yogurt stuff, you might find what you're looking for.

Big Ash said...

The handwriting on the label is mine, but I don't remember making this. Also the pro wrasslin' is me as well. Thanks for putting this up, a lot of this stuff was lost to me. Listening to Hickey for me these days is a mixed bag, like a wound that is reopened but there is candy inside. Thank you.

Big Ash said...

I'm not Big Ash, I'm Aesop. Big Ash is my girlfriend.

Harvester said...

You're welcome. That's a really good Shell-as-pro-wrestler impression.

sheena d. said...

I haven't heard nearly all of these recordings before, and it's all good, amazing, or outright phenomenal! thank you so much!

mike wilson said...

Ahh this rules so much... thanks for sharing, greg. fuck. At the end of side 1 I recognize that weird metal part as a sped up version of the band NITRO "out fucking rageous"

Bug said...

The drum beat jam and phaser guitar on the Kingdom Come track sounds like some Off Da Pigs stuff.

Bug said...

Excuse me, Dre Del beats.

Anonymous said...


Thanks for putting these up. It reminded me of when my band played with Hickey in an empty bar, and some guy wanted to fight. It was pretty funny. I put the story and a link to this page at http://ericlouie.wordpress.com/2013/02/15/3-hunglo-and-hickey-in-concord/ if you are interested.


Harvester said...

Good story, Eric! Thanks for sharing.

Bakla said...

One of my favorite punk bands!