Thursday, August 18, 2011

TERRIBLES - "White Baby" - CDR - 2009

   The TERRIBLES are hard to explain but I love them. They put a lot of love and art into their handmade releases and nothing they've done has ever disappointed me. That's really saying something since 1. I'm an asshole who has really strong opinions regarding music and 2. they've been a band since 9th grade (that's 1997) and have put out A LOT OF STUFF. Worcester breeds some lovable weirdos and these are some of my favorite weirdos of all. They kind of fall into a prog rock vein at times that is closer to early MEAT PUPPETS rather than like, KING CRIMSON or something like that. I mean, they're's cool.
    This release is a short 2 song single that has one original and one badass QUEEN cover that blows my mind. Expect many more TERRIBLES releases on here in the future.
   If you want to keep up with their never-changing website, you can find it at Terribles Gram and Gazette
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