Friday, August 12, 2011


   RESURRECTUM was around for a little while in the early '00's, growling their metallic, bullet-belted asses off about topics such as consent, fucked up wars and , you know, Satan. I think I remember them referring to themselves as a metal band, but they weren't afraid to jump headlong into fast-as-shit-double-bass thrash every once in a while. They drew their influences from IRON MAIDEN and possibly TEM EYOS KI. I'm not the kind of person who would normally play air guitar to a band, but I have been known to dabble a little with RESURRECTUM if that tells you anything. I always liked their live show more than this CD, but can i bring back their maniac sneers and glares? Can I bring back the piercing, live dual guitar solos? Can I bring back the warehouses full of drunk, dread-mulletted crusties waving around 40's while pumping their fists and headbanging? No, I can't...but I can share this Cd with you and you can get the idea.
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B. Menace said...

Haha, cool, I didn't even have this anymore, thaks. I wish i still had that bullet belt...