Monday, August 8, 2011

MING DONKEY - Solo Guitar Exploration - 1998

   Ming Donkey is a musician, artist, and all around badass from Mississippi. He seems to have music flying out of his pores at all hours of the day, as evidenced by the number of bands he has played in and the stack of original music cassettes he sent me throughout the late 90's. This tape had a few song ideas for our band at the time (The Grumpies) and the longish, guitar-layered, meandering piece that is featured in this download. Most likely, this song was recorded in an old, dilapidated, rat-infested barn in Louisville, MS (that's Lewis-ville, not Louie-ville) on a decaying four track. Also, he was not known as Ming Donkey at this time.
   Nothing crazy intense here....I just think this is a solid piece that is worth sharing. Some of you might want to get really high before listening.
 Ming playing in The Grumpies. 1998 in Maxie, MS. Photo by Frankie Chan

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