Tuesday, August 23, 2011

IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT - "Trashed Is Good" - LP - 2002

   This IPCP LP from 2002 is right up there with my favorite albums of all time. It's blown out, anxious, energetic, inspiring and as dark and moody as Mid-City New Orleans. This record catches IPCP at the peak of their angular punk years and doesn't shy away from some inventive Improvisation.  They take some songs from their 2001 tape (look a few posts back) and expand on them to make them fuller. I love everything this band put out, so expect even more in the future.
  This was the first release on their own label, Trd Wd (and here), which is still releasing great music. This album was recorded and mixed at their warehouses by them in NOLA. The covers were beautifully hand-printed. The download has a couple scrapes and skips because this record has been well-loved and has had a rough life.
                       Trashed Download is Good...Updated Nov 2013


WySchmatt said...

this is really awesome Greg!

Anonymous said...

wow! we must have almost crossed paths. I saw you had domino sounds listed, impractical cockpit and county Z. I lived in NOLA from 1997- 2001 and hung out at Nowe Miasto. did you know that crew? I am guessing your scratchy jamaican 45 tape is a dj who went by the name domino. his name was Matt and he did own the record store.
anyway thanks for the downloads!

Anonymous said...

Could you re-up this one please? I've bumped on Fresh Shrimp and it is a love at first hearing!

Harvester said...


Anonymous said...

Tnx! You're the best! Greetings from Croatia!