Tuesday, January 8, 2013


A few things:

  • My partner in crime, Anandi wanted the blog to have email alerts. I thought it would be annoying, but she found it to be really helpful. It's a voluntary thing and I'm sure you're good at making your own decisions. If you want to get updates to your email whenever I post some inane ramblings on here (like this), please sign up over there on the right. 
  • I am trying out a new file sharing service. I am doing a test run with FUCK YEA AVOCADO and the FUCK THE CURSE compilation. Tell me how it works out. If it works well, I will re-upload dead links. You have to tell me which ones because I have no clue (leave comments on this post). I will re-up them after January 20th, because....
  • I'm gonna be away from the desk for a little bit, so no new music until after January 20th. I will still be posting random year end top ten lists almost daily. I have many more to come. If you are in Chattanooga, TN (Sat, Jan 12th), Greenville, SC (Tues, Jan 15th) or Asheville, NC (Fri, Jan 18th), please come see the rare sightings of my band, BLACK RAINBOW. It will be fun.


music not noise said...

I downloaded the Fuck yea Avacado link and it worked out fine

Anandi said...

really appreciating the email updates! It's every bit as great as I'd hoped!