Monday, January 7, 2013

PARASITES GO! - "Lettuce" - Tape - 2007

    As I said before, my friend Mike left me a bag of tapes sitting on the floor at Thrillhouse the last time he rolled through town and I've been slowly sifting through them. When I plopped this tape into the dynamic digitizing machine, I remembered that this band had written me years ago to help them out with a show in Indiana. I was gonna be on tour, so I steered them towards some friends for a show. I don't know if it worked out or not. I never heard anything about it. I never even listened to the band until now. As this tape played, I thought, "eh, this is pretty good...nothing too special." Then, I went in the kitchen to make my usual eggs/kale/potatoes combo and I could not get the chorus of "Lately" out of my head! You win this round, PARASITES GO! 
    I wasn't around the Bay Area for this era of local punk, but I heard that these guys put on a good show and were responsible for many lingering choruses in many a noggin. You will be afflicted with this same fate when you download this for yourself and let the pop-punk wave wash over you. Go ahead. 
   I am more of a fan of SOPORS, who came after (?) this band and shared some members. They put out a sprawling mess of an LP last year that was one of my favorites of 2011. Some of these guys have now moved on to an outfit called VIOLENT CHANGE, who I have yet to see, even though I've had a few chances. Color me stupid. What? Fuck it.

If you live in the Bay Area, VIOLENT CHANGE is playing tonight at The Knockout.


Aaron Light said...

Aw man, this link is down. I used to go see Parasites Go and Abi Yoyos and all those cats when I was like 14, but I was never able to grab the PG tape. If you could re-up this bad boy that would rule

Harvester said...


Dk said...

I totally agree about the song "Lately". Just sitting there reading or something non music related, and then the melodic stress of the chorus just comes out like I'm some spastic whatchamacallit. These guys definitely had some catchy venom to inject.

Anonymous said...

These guys were fun!