Friday, January 4, 2013

SICARII - Unreleased Stuff - 2005

   No art. No fanfare. Today's entry is submitted and written by my good friend, Alex Turner....

   SICARII was a punk / anarchist band in Olympia, WA in the early 2000's. This is a recording they did after they all ended up in Asheville, NC in the mid-2000's. It was never released. Jay-Ro recorded it and I think somebody moved away before they got around to finishing the mix of everything. They are still some of my best friends; people I fly around the country to visit. This band reminds me of the positive aspects of the fucked up punk houses we all lived in. As they say, "It was the best of times / It was the worst of times." So much love. So much coffee. So many bagels and soy dogs. Too much beer. "Accident Prone" on repeat, a rat population that drove us to drink more, OP IVY dance parties, time spent around the wood get the idea. Regardless, this recording was made after all that. They reformed for a year or so in Asheville. I was never in town to see them as a North Carolina band, but this recording shouldn't be lost. The LP that came out when they were an Olympia band is good and if you're paying attention, you can still find one (There is one new [???] copy at Thrillhouse for $6.)

Download SICARII
Updated Feb 2014

   Matt now lives in Iowa City, going to graduate school. Tammy lives in Seattle, spending time with her nieces, climbing mountains, and spends as much time in nature as we all really should. Eli lives in Northhampton and takes care of his cute-as-fuck kid, Asa. Parker is in a black metal band who's name escapes me.


meowtammy said...

Here's the other song names if ya want:
3 - Last of the Bees
4 - the Partisan (by Leonard Cohen)
5 - In the Shadow of the Empire
as for track 1, i have no fucking clue what that song is even about anymore.

xoxo. tammy.

henderiot77 said...

i think parkers band is called druden

berkowhiskey said...

I tore apart my boxes of miscellaneous shit looking for this just the other week. THANK YOU! Even badly recorded drums couldn't hold us back!

m said...

I was just talking about the time I saw this band at the Che Cafe in san diego. I loved that LP. I'd love to hear these songs but the download link is no longer active... I'd love it if you could re-up it!

Harvester said...