Friday, January 11, 2013

ERIN YANKE - Top 10 of 2012

   Erin Yanke! Erin Yanke is a badass drummer, a great friend to have on your side and does not mind walking aimlessly all over the city with me as long as there is coffee and good conversation involved. You may have seen her behind the drums with CHASED AND SMASHEDSOCIAL GRACES (6-7 years and not so much as a demo tape!!) or LIGHT BRIGADE. Erin is what some people might call an "older punk", but she has ten times the enthusiasm of most of the younger punks that I know. She has always been supportive of new, exciting bands in her hometown of Portland and even helps run the youth radio program at KBOO. She makes movies too! Erin Yanke rules, okay?


  • ATENTADO - Dias de Rabia – Mini LP – (La Vida En Es Mus). Raw, straightforward, and ragin full on! Spanish punkers stuck in a cave (Right? all that echo?) and clamoring in the best possible way

  • BIMARKS – The Golden Years LP - (Mata La Musica Disco) Maybe I was full of rage this year, or just had a fierce need for catharsis, what with all this hardcore on the list. Bimarks do it top notch, ferocious not fake. 

  •  CYCLOPS-Eye Can’t Take It 7” - (Johnny Cat Records) They're from Cyclops Island, and sing songs like “I Have One Eye”. Johnny Cakes and Tina are AMAZING!
  •  FROZEN TEENS - Self Titled LP – (Do Ya Hear We?) This album was not a surprise after the demo latched onto me and didn't let go... but this time, there was no weird metal song in the middle! So stoked on this full length, continuing to rock and rule, capturing the timeless catchiness and despair of Minneapolis. 
  •  NEEDLES - Desesperación 7" – (Iron Lung Records) This just came out on December 15th, and is incredible! Harsh and deep and will make you totally freak out. Thrilled! I have waited all year for a song like “Truth”.
  •  NEON PISS – Self Titled LP – (Deranged Records) I lost my adjectives for this kind of record about 10 years ago, which is to say I love it and it's catchy and sticks with you, and it's totally just punk, without subgenres, or cliques. But, I'll try: political, kind of accessible, deep, interesting, and sticks in your head like nothing else.

  •  REPLICA – Demo – (Self Released) The 5 song demo blew my mind, as did their live performances, one which was lucky enough to be broadcast on KBOO! Thoughtful and cool people destroying generic hardcore, with joy!
  •  SCAM #9: The Story of Black Flag's Damaged Yes, this is the story of Damaged, to commemorate the album's 30th anniversary, and you'll hear from Greg, Dukowski, Hank, Pettibon, Dez, Kira, Watt, and more. Why you NEED to read this, even if you don't give a fuck about BLACK FLAG, is because for Part 5: The Postscript. Yep, a critique! Nostalgia, historical documentation, tension between innovation and repetition, and so much more. It's an incredible zine that will push you to actually rise above, instead of playing the song again.
  •  TY SEGALL BAND – Slaughterhouse LP – (In The Red) Ty spent this year releasing more records than I could keep up with, so maybe there's a better album, but this is good enough for me. Fuzz and Howl under the influence of heat. The song “Slaughterhouse” rules. “Muscle Man” and “Mary Anne” tie for my next favorite.
  •  TOTAL CONTROL – Henge Beat LP – (Iron Lung Records) "Taking pills to remember to take pills to forget." Creepy songs, trippy songs, post punk dance numbers, the whole shebang is amazing. I love this record so much!

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