Friday, January 4, 2013

DAN BECKMAN - Top 10 of 2012

Dan and Olai in Maine. Photo by Amy Moon.

   I've known Dan for at least 12 years now and it seems like he's gotten more inspiring to me with each passing day. Whether it's independently releasing his own mind-bending music (with IMPRACTICAL COCKPITUKE OF SPACES and many more), going on tour in a box truck that runs on vegetable oil or just setting an example by keeping his life seemingly simple and gracious, I am constantly floored by the things he puts into this world. In addition to running Turned Word Records, he also married one of my favorite artists of all time and produced a child that somehow seems to hold all of the world's tranquility in his eyes. Whoa. 

DAN BECKMAN'S TOP TEN OF 2012 no particular order.
1. BR GARM "The 78th Morning Tide" LP
2. BIG BLOOD "Old Time Primitives" Cassette
3. JOSEPHINE FOSTER - "Blood Rushing" LP/CD/DL
4. Visiting my mother in Boise, Idaho twice!
5. D.J. RUPTURE'S MUDD UP! Podcast and Radio show on WFMU.
6. MICHAEL HURLEY - "Back Home With Drifting Woods"  LP on Mississippi Records.
7. TRACEY TRANCE - "Pyper Kub" LP on Turned Word Records.
8. Listening to my three year old child sing...
9. Attending the End Of The World's Fair in Spillcorn, North Carolina. Great photos by Faythe Levine on her Flickr.
10. Playing Western Mass dates with BIG BLOOD and the unforgettable night at The Dream Away Lodge.


Anonymous said...

Greg you should put up some of the old Full Gallop audio zines! That would be tight!

Harvester said...

Here's one.

It's a lot of work, but I'm sure I'll do more one day.

Anonymous said...

i have copies of "Full Gallop"'s #4 and #8 that i'd love to share with y'all!