Sunday, January 6, 2013

ALEX TURNER - Top Ten of 2012

   Alex Turner..the man, the myth. I once had dinner with his parents (it's rare for me to meet any parents of my friends) and I think I was way more comfortable than he was. I was one of many people to talk him into moving to the Bay Area (it didn't take much convincing) and now I'm lucky to see him once a week. Our lives are busy, but I'm glad he lives so close. Someone take him on tour already because he is a wonderful roadie....just ask RVIVR, SON SKULL, NEON PISS, SNUGGLE, GLUE, SHOREBIRDS, PIPSQUEAK, RECKLESS, etc, etc......


In non-hierarchical order.

  • Do Ya Hear We?  I've only ever been to Chattanooga on tour once. I went to this fest and had the best time. The people there are the nicest, most welcoming people. The bands that played were inspiring and perfect. Nobody complained about the out-of-towners or how it used to be better (at least that I heard.)
  • Tacoma County Fair! Kinda the same as Do Ya Hear We but it was only one day and I lived in the NW for 14 years. I didn't watch a single band. A perfect day of old friends. 
  • NEON PISS LP / Shows. Obligatory because this is Greg's blog? No. This record / band is really that good. Maybe the band I saw the most in 2012? Oakland, San Francisco, Portland and Minneapolis. (ed note: Seattle too?)
  • NO STATIK LP / 7" / Shows There is magic (pure rage) in this band. I'm not friends with any of them and I kind of don't want to be. I'm sure they are all wonderful people and they are friends with my friends. There is something that helps uphold the mystique / mystery by being a little further away. Know what I mean? I mean, they can play an afternoon show at the (unfun zone of) 1-2-3-4-Go Records and I will still lose my shit. 
  • SON SKULL - Wiped Clean LP This is what I want to listen to when I ride my bike home from Bart after a shitty day at work and a hate filled Bart ride. Also some of the best people that I miss the most. (their last (to date) show was in 2011, but it was really transcendent and the best time i've ever had with hundreds of people in a downpour).
  • FROZEN TEENS LP/Shows. If you were to ask me what was so great about this album I couldn't begin to explain it, I don't understand it. The songs are just simple and honest. I also managed to see them twice (Chattanooga & Minneapolis) both were great.
  • GYBE!@ Great American Music Hall I'll be honest, I ate a bunch of mushrooms and it was great. also Pierced Arrows played which was cool/strange. 
  • NEUROSIS @ Oakland Metro I guess technically they didn't play till after midnight on new years. I went to this nye show alone and only knew a small handful of people there, but I didn't feel alone. A great way to start the new year. 
  • Not going on tour at all this year. Still traveling and getting to spend real time with my friends around the country (Seattle, Tacoma, Olympia, Portland, Minneapolis, Asheville, NYC). Not to be forgotten my wonderful house and friends in oakland/san francisco and this year it feeling like home. 
  • My friends kids. I can't really see myself having children anytime (soon?). But the time I get to spend with Lilly, Frida, Dakota, Calliope, Rainer, Amah, Teddy, and Asa is truly special to me.
 Honorable mention: WEIRD TV 12", LIVID tape, DOGJAW lp, WHITE LUNG lp, CRAZY SPIRIT lp, SICKOIDS lp, SPIRITUAL WARIORS live/tape, DISPLEASURE last show, NU SENSAE @ rca, 4 shows in one day (Gilman record swap, VACCUUM @ parkside, RED DONS/ ESTRANGED @ 1234, HOT TEARS @ 37th st, and SPIRITUAL WARRIORS @ rec center)


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