Monday, April 21, 2014

NO MORE ART - Demo - Tape - 2012

   NO MORE ART is from Hamburg, Germany and plays straightforward melodic punk in the vein of Dangerhouse Records and some certain Scandinavian bands from a few years back. I feel like there are a lot of bands playing this style of punk, but they are doing it really badly because too many people think it's easy to just bash out three chords while screaming over it. I mean, it is easy, but it's harder to make people still wanna listen to it in a year. I reviewed this demo for MRR a couple of years ago and still listen to it regularly because it's super catchy, their singer Milo has a really strong voice and the whole band has a good ear for melody. I wish that my band could have played with them in Hamburg instead of the technical doomcore band that we ended up with, but so is life. 

Check out the members' other completely different bands: RHONDA and BORN//DEAD

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