Tuesday, July 30, 2013

NO SHIT SHERLOCK - 6 Song Demo - Tape - 2002

   A few years ago, I got into a...errr....heated discussion with an acquaintance of mine about touring. He was convinced that bands shouldn't go on tour until they've released records and have other merch to sell. He said that this proved that the band was more serious about what they were doing and would (somehow) not waste his time at a punk show. Citing a list of "serious" bands who have seriously wasted my time at punk shows over the years, I called bullshit on his idea. I told him that I think bands should go on tour with whatever they want...They could have 4 LP's or just a demo tape (or nothing at all). In my mind, touring can give you perspective on your band and also just take you to places you've never been. Plus, if a band is wasting your time, it's easy to just walk out and do something else. I've walked out on everyone from FORGETTERS to TRAGEDY to ROSA with no regrets. Plus, it's not really your business if a band chooses to go on tour with absolutely nothing to sell (or give away) and at the end of the day, you're going to sleep just the same, so who cares? Also, touring is just this huge privilege anyway...but that's a whooole other discussion....these are the kinds of tangents I get on when writing this at 5 in the morning.....
     This brings us to NO SHIT SHERLOCK, who I saw in a mid-blackout in New Orleans back in 2003. In my hazy memory, they were alternately falling apart and completely ruling at the same time. They were on tour with COUNTY Z and offered nothing more in the way of merch than their shoddily recorded live demo tape and possibly some spray-painted t-shirts. (Our friend, Rana was also on the tour selling haircuts at every show. I offered up three bucks and came out of the show with the sides of my head shaved into steps and a rattail.) The three women in the band played a manic blend of arty, no wave punk employing an accordion, a bass and a floor tom or two. Even though they were probably on stage for a total of 15 minutes and broke up not long after this tour, they've provided more (and better) memories for me than seeing many, many other bands in my life.

Features members of DOGS and DEUCE BOLDLY. 

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