Thursday, August 1, 2013


DRILLER KILLERS - Melita's Basement - 1998 - Dalton, GA - Photo by Greg Harvester

THE CRIMINALS - Illegal Gazebo Show - 1997 - Huntsville, AL - Photo by Blair Menace

UH-OH - Underground Art Gallery - 2008 - San Francisco - Photo by Greg Harvester

CACA WOMEN FROM URANUS - Bandito Burrito - 1997 - Huntsville,AL - Photo by Blair Menace

LES TURDZ - A House - 1996 - Tallahassee, FL - Photo by Greg Harvester (This set lasted an amazing 15-30 seconds)

BITCHIN' - A Garage  - 2000 - Chattanooga, TN - Photo by Brontez Purnell


smoke ass said...

Care to share anymore stories from that LES TURDZ show? Looks/sounds like it was a wild time!

Harvester said...

We (Toxic Shocks) arrived at that house the night before and went to sleep. I woke up at one point during the night with a rat sitting on my cheek and staring at me. Around 10 am, Brian Turd (pictured)woke me up by kicking me in the ribs and shoving half a forty in my face saying "help me drink this". I had never met the guy before and told him I didn't want to. He proceeded to stand on my 'hawk for 10 minutes while talking to someone. He drank for the entire day. The band played later that night. Brian wandered up to the mic when they were about to start. The band tuned and then launched into the 1st song. Brian immediately sang a line or two, jumped up, smashed out the lightbulb with his head, and fell flat out cold, ripping the guitar and bass cords out of the input jacks on his way down. End of set. The band broke up that night because they were so mad at him. They reformed the next morning and played a full set with us and FYP in Mobile, AL. I think they were sober-ish then.

Harvester said...

or maybe he just pulled out the guitar cord...either way, everything came to a halt.

Kristopher Bras said...

Anybody know where a guy can find Les Turdz recordings? Been trying for ages.