Tuesday, August 20, 2013

GORILLA ANGREB - Live in New York - Tape - 2006

   Ever since I first heard the first anxious notes of "Astma" on a mix tape (from Anandi. Thanks!), I was instantly hooked on GORILLA ANGREB. They combined a guitar tone that seemed like it was culled directly from a Dangerhouse Records comp with darkly melodic bass lines and fierce vocals. And the drumming! The drumming was pounding and playing the sixteenth notes that make me want to smash my head through a wall. They hailed from Copenhagen, Denmark and were in bands you probably already love. I don't even know why I'm writing this part because this is a band that already has tons of information online and elsewhere.
  When I heard that they were playing their last show in Copenhagen back in 2007, I immediately looked up plane tickets. I was just about to buy them when a few different thoughts popped into my head: 1. I had never been to Europe. 2. I didn't know a single person in Copenhagen...or Denmark. 3. It was a ridiculous plan. 4. IF I followed through with that, I would be stuck living in Bloomington for yet another year saving up money and wishing that I could move away. It felt awful to miss their last show, but it felt better to get on a plane and leave Indiana for good less than a year later.
   This live tape was mailed to me a while back by my friend, Fil from DC. He was at this show, which was a house show in Brooklyn after they played a larger venue the same night with SUBHUMANS. Every song on here is great, but I'm not gonna lie to you. This show sounds like it was recorded on a walkman that was rejected from a thrift store and found in the dumpster. It also sounds as if a dog turd was taped over the microphone (Sorry Fil if you actually recorded this on something better than that). Still, did I listen to the whole thing? Yes. Did I enjoy it? Thoroughly.

From Fil "They were wasted and it was the best I ever saw them. Since it was the last show of their tour, they played at least one song they had been skipping to save her voice."

If this is your first intro to the band, you should start with their 2003 EP instead.

More live recordings with better quality.


and if you want to send me their first demo, I'll send you my po box address.


keeferooni said...

These guys are great.

Speaking of Scandinavian stuff: You wouldn't happen to have access to any sort of exclusive Masshysteri, would you? Saw them in Asheville in 2009 and they absolutely destroyed me.

Harvester said...

Not at all. Their two LP's and EP are close to perfect though and worth tracking down.

the wizard said...

You do Copenhagen, I do Copenhagen. Great minds, I guess...