Sunday, July 21, 2013

HUNTING PARTY - Demo - Tape - 2011

    What can I say about HUNTING PARTY? I'm not the biggest fan of hardcore, but there's something about the strength, integrity and sincerity of the Bay Area bands that really pull me in. It doesn't hurt that beneath the screaming, the anguish and the full sleeve tattoos, most of the people involved are totally tender sweethearts. HUNTING PARTY is no exception. The first time I saw them, they were already a force that wasn't to be taken lightly. Their singer, Boo Boo was always in the crowd, never on the stage. Sometimes, he would be running towards people in the crowd and I would think "Whoa, he's about to destroy that dude!", but he never did (as far as I know). That was the thing I liked about HUNTING PARTY: They were full of volatile rage but they weren't afraid of vulnerability. They knew that they weren't indestructible. Plus, the riffs were fucking awesome. 
   Speaking of not being indestructible, the band self destructed on June 29th of this year, playing their last show at Gilman, as part of This Is Not A Step. I, for one, am sad to see them go and I wonder what will happen to their unreleased EP and LP. You can get their debut EP right here and mourn the loss in your very own room. 

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