Tuesday, June 18, 2013

SIGFRIED AND ROID RAGE - "Kingdom Of Pork" - Tape - 2011

   I never imagined that when I went to Dresden, Germany, I would buy a tape manufactured in Columbus, Ohio and released in Paris, France by a band from Tel Aviv, Israel starring a guy from my home state of Alabama....but that happened. David grew up, I think, in Alabama and kicked around to Worcester, Rome, Tel-Aviv and a bunch of other far flung locales. Throughout all of this, he has been singing the praises of Chattanooga, TN and Region Rock. I like to imagine that he has talked Israeli punks into shotgunning beers while listening to JACK PALANCE BAND.
    On this tape, you'll find eleven songs in about 14 minutes that scream about getting drunk and hating work and getting drunk again. Many of us like these things, so maybe this will interest you. 

I was just wondering how these guys go over in Israel and then I remembered that it's 2013 and Youtube exists.

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Anonymous said...

awsome were here!! these are some arak-fueled recordings..

i play in this band (bass) and you totally got it! we love jack palance band and shotgunning beer over here!
and we actually got some ppl here hooked on the bananas and the grumpies and bunch of other cool bands that i guess would have go under the radar for most israeli punks

we also toured in the spring (europe for two weeks or so)
thanks for uploading this buddy!

cheerz from azur, israhell