Saturday, June 1, 2013

NO STATIK - "4 Tracks Demo" - Tape - 2010

   I wrote out this long thing about San Francisco in the 90's, Willie Nelson and obsessiveness, but then I erased all of it because I want to write about now. I want to write about the things that are currently happening in our lives that are exciting and invigorating, like NO STATIK. I saw NO STATIK play an excellent house show a couple of weeks ago in a tiny little place in Santa Cruz with a bunch of other great current bands, such as REPLICA, FAMILY STONED, DIEHARD, CONQUEST FOR DEATH, ABSURDO and a local who's name escaped me. The show was perfect in the many ways that keeps me interested and excited by DIY punk: no bullshit, no pretension, no stage, short sets, an active mix of genders in the bands as well as the audience and tons of energy.
   NO STATIK keeps getting better every time I see them. There's always an electricity in the air before they even hit the first chord. To me, they always seems to be the eye of the storm, feeding off of the chaos that surrounds them. The last few times I've seen them, they've transcended the trappings of hardcore and taken their energy to a new level. I can't really explain it. It's unreal. I love them. I also love that their tough-as-fuck singer, Ruby sometimes goes straight from stalking around the audience to "I'm just listening to Cyndi Lauper in my room" mode (see 2:10 of this video for an example).
   Their bass player, Robert gave me this tape just after the band started and honestly, it's my least favorite thing they've done....but, like I said, they had just started out. I like going back to it now and seeing how the band has evolved and grown over time. As I type this, they are at a huge fest in Texas and playing what sounds like the best shows to me (on a bridge at 3 am and at an 11 am brunch).
   I don't know what else to say...if you see any records by this band, pick it up immediately.


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