Sunday, June 16, 2013

POSER POSSE - Live - Tape - 2003

   Some friends from out of town were playing a house show in Berkeley back in 2003 so I decided to make the trek up to that weird place. I had been hanging out with the band all day and there was so much tension and anger between them that I didn't even care about seeing them play the show at that point. They had reached the level where they would get in arguments at the drop of a hat about ridiculous things, like whose turn it was to sit in the front seat or whose fault it was that the van broke down. Instead of getting a ride with them to the show, I took my bike so I would have an easy out.
   I have the flyer for the show somewhere, but I couldn't tell you who else played if my life depended on it. All I know is that when the 2nd band started setting up, I got fucking stoked because I recognized the two guys (Adam and Mike) from the flawlessly flawed TOMMY LASORDA. Each of them played guitar through tiny little practice amps and Patrick put towels and t-shirts over his drum heads to muffle them. They didn't have a bass player. I remember running outside to tell friends to come watch this band because I knew it would be good, even though I had never heard them. In my opinion, I was right (you can make your own decisions) and it was a great set. They even played a stellar WIPERS cover. I had to track down Mike later to get a recording from him and he gave me this tape.
   The tape may or may not be live on the radio. The band implies that it's a live radio show, but who knows? There's some definite hits and misses on this tape, but I'll leave it up to you to decide which is which. One of my favorite moments is when Adam breaks a string in the middle of "Refrigerated Planes" but still plays the rest of the song and it sounds beautifully fucked up.

You should also check out their other bands: TOMMY LASORDA, LOS RABBIS, CHINESE, RAINBOW BRIDGE, BROKEN STRINGS and more and more....

Fun fact: At that show, I met my lifelong friend, Sarah Sky, who literally saved my life less than a year and a half later. 


Adam said...

Thanks for this! So great to hear these songs again. You should include scans of one of Patrick's old zines where he put new words in Cathy and Garfield comics. Those go hand in hand with Poser Posse in my head.

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Harvester said...

Unfortunately, I don't have any of those zines.