Friday, September 22, 2017

APPARITION - Demo - Tape - 2017

   There's a floppy haired maniac who lives in Athens, GA and I've known him since our bands crossed paths in 1995. Every time any of his bands puts out a new thing, he gets in touch so he can send it to me and every time, it's exactly what I need in my life at that moment. APPARITION is no different. Full throttle, no fucking around, insane, throw-everything-down-the-stairs-over-and-over-and-watch-it-break style hardcore!! Shit is dark. The perfect soundtrack for consuming the everlasting horror that is our daily lives.

Every breath that I take 
Of this planet's stupid air
Makes me nauseous.

I don't update this site often now because I think writing about music so much has kept me from actually feeling the music. You know what I mean? 


nika g said...

This blog brings me great joy. Thank you. (-:

sasha said...

Ditto what nika said. Please keep this blog alive, even if the updates stay few and far between.

big bobby said...

happy for any posts you make. g00d blog

Dave Boy Green said...

Hey Gregg you should check out Picture Frame Seduction and their great new EP, something tells me you would really like it.
I mean really, especially the cover, yes, you will really like that. Know your history though ....