Wednesday, July 25, 2012

JAMES F. BECK - "Forbidden Fruit" - Year??

   You might remember when I posted Jim Beck's cover album of "A Slippery Subject" a couple of weeks ago. Well, Jim got in touch and said he was happy that more people got to hear it. He also included a link to his lesser-known tribute to THE BANANAS debut album "Forbidden Fruit", which I've never heard until now. Like the other release, it accentuates the paranoia and malaise behind their lyrics while managing to stand on its own. Take a listen for yourself.


Joseph Ross said...

So a couple years back a friend of mine gave me a tape that simply said LEG on it, later on I was able to actually see the 7 inch they released, consisting of the same songs. It had maybe 5 songs on it, and it was amazing. Indie, basement rock are the only words that come to mind right now, they are from bloomington, and i am assuming they toured. I was wondering if you had ever heard of this band,I absolutely love your blog, and if i should ask anybody about this long lost tape, you are the number one candidate. You can e-mail me at shotdunyon@gmail.

skillpolitics said...

I've got the Leg 7". I cherish it. I could send it to Greg if he wanted to load it up. But, its only got 3 songs on it.

Harvester said...

I have it and I'm going to upload it to the internet when I get back to town in November.