Tuesday, July 3, 2012

ADULTS - "Vol. I" - Tape - 2011

    This entry will be kinda short since I already wrote about this band last week. Previously, I sang the praises of their Vol. II tape, but now we are going back in time to the Vol. I edition. This one finds the band a little scrappier and possibly more manic, but still keeping the energy of a lost DICKIES or JAY REATARD demo. I don't like it as much as the Vol II tape, but saying that is kinda like saying, "I don't like 'Rocket To Russia' as much as I like 'Leave Home.'"  Do you know what I mean? They're both still great. The band expertly blazes through six songs in just about eight minutes. As before, you can get your own tape from the band by writing to chiesaram@yahoo.com

Re-uploaded 2014

   A few days from now will mark my four year anniversary of moving back to the Bay Area and I have not regretted my move one bit. Last night, I went to the Marin County Fair, rode some rides, ate some gross food, walked through some fun houses and saw JOAN fuckin' JETT play an awesome show. Tonight, I will go to the Hemlock in SF and see ADULTS play a show with LIBYANS from Boston. If you live here, please join me. What else are you doing on a Tuesday?


brian said...

i just moved to san francisco on a whim from philly this past friday. seems like a sweet place so far. i've been jammin' on adults since it was put up here, and i'm stoked to be able to catch their show tonight. thanks for the heads up!


Harvester said...

Cool! I hope you had fun.