Tuesday, March 6, 2012

THE SHAFFERS - "Live at 20 Below" - Tape - 1993?

   Jerry, a friend of Remote Outposts and fellow audio (and video) archivist over at Blood Transmission, sent me this (almost) 20 year old tape of one of THE SHAFFERS early shows at 20 Below in East Ridge, TN. I've already written pretty extensively about the band here and here, so I 'm not sure what else I can possibly tell you about this band other than A) I love them dearly, B) it's next to impossible to find anything by this band that contains song titles, C) it's difficult to find anything other than live recordings and D) without them, there would probably not be such a vibrant punk scene in Chattanooga, TN today.
   Here is what Jerry has to say about this tape...
   "THE SHAFFERS were one of the two bands that got me into punk (the other is OPERATION IVY). I was in 8th grade, so it had to be '94. I was friends with a guy named Kelton and his brother was Nathan, the drummer of THE SHAFFERS. Long story short, he let me copy his tape of them playing live at an old East Ridge club called 20 Below. I never went there or even saw THE SHAFFERS (the one time I had the chance, they didn't play for some reason). I actually copied the tape over a live SPIN DOCTORS tape that I got screwed into owning by Colombia House. From what I gather, they had only been a band for a month and a half when this was recorded. Also, since this is a rip of an at least 2nd generation dub that was recorded over an already existing album, the sound isn't the greatest and there are a couple of flubs in quality."

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