Friday, March 9, 2012

ONION FLAVORED RINGS - "Live on KALX" - Tape - 2003

   San Francisco's ONION FLAVORED RINGS churned out extremely catchy, jangly pop-punk for the better part of 10 years before calling it quits...actually I don't know if they called it quits, but their bass player lives in LA, their drummer lives in Brooklyn and their guitarist is getting ready to move to Portland, so I'm making an educated guess. Back in 2003, Berkeley radio station KALX invited them on the air for this hour long set, which is funny because I have never seen them play longer than 20-30 minutes. They throw out all the stops by including their Leslie Gore cover, the alternate version of "I Kill Butterflies" (called "I Heart Butterflies") and lots of between song stories. Throughout the broadcast, you can hear more people joining them in the studio, including our friend Ivy, most of the band SEXY and even people working at the station. It's pretty funny and a good performance by the band.
   UPDATE 3/18/12: I realized that the tape is running too did Steve Funyun, the singer of OFR. Steve took the time to fix the recording and slow it down to the correct speed. He even added the lyrics to a lot of the songs because he's a great guy. The download is now the same recording at the correct speed. Thanks Steve!

If you want more info about the band (and hear their first demo), it is right here.
This tape is from the collection of Erick Lyle.

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