Friday, September 30, 2011


   UKE OF PHILLIPS and ETWAN SHERLEW are brothers Dan and Matt Beckman (among many friends) and both play acoustic/electric music that seems to be inspired by everything from MICHAEL HURLEY to THE RESIDENTS to PETER GRUDZIEN to DAVEY WILLIAMS to everything inbetween. They incorporate guitars, tape manipulation, reverb tanks, air organs, horns, freight trains and chickens in their songs and final result is beautiful. These songs were recorded on a four track in Dan's (and Amy) old house at 420 Harmony in New Orleans. Matt took time off from his job as a scientist in Alabama to play on this record. Dan, Amy and friends still play under the ever-changing moniker of UKE OF...(last I checked, it was VILLAGE OF SPACES CORNERS). Download this shit and tweak the fuck out.
 UKE OF PHILLIPS on Rampart St in NOLA. 2001.
                                    Download that 7"

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