Wednesday, September 28, 2011

VISITOR - Tape - 2011

    There is absolutely no information with this tape. No song titles, no band member's names, no vocals and no fucking thanks list. There is almost one full hour of droned-out, down tuned, multi-layered, fucked up brilliance though. There's 3 tracks on here (possibly 4, but it was hard to tell) and all of them meld into one great piece (peace) that will melt your afternoon away. This tape was left for me on the windshield of the tour van in the rain and it seemed fitting.
                                 Download VISITOR
   Features members of THIEVES and THE SPACECHRISTS


joshua leon harper said...

Fuck Yeah! The Spacechrists! One of my favorites...that's Jeffery Rocketmild of Kansas City...

Anonymous said...

too good