Tuesday, February 7, 2023

Music Mixes for 2023

    Oh hey there! Is this a new music post? Kind of.... 

   First off, I can't address every comment that is asking me to re-upload dead links, so I'll just say it here: My ENTIRE backup of mp3's got deleted somehow, due to a dying computer. They're all gone. I even took out the hard drive and went through it elsewhere. Oh well, I'm trying to move on and act like it's not a big deal. 

   Secondly, I decided to make a 1 hour music mix for every month of 2023. You probably won't find a ton of shoddily recorded punk demos in these mixes. I'm making them in the vein of a mixtape I got when I was 12. The tape had no track listing and the genres bounced around drastically, but many of the songs on it grew to be all-time favorites. These mixes have the band names, but no song titles. 

   You can find the current month's mix at Remote Outposts Soundcloud at the top of the pile. 

     When the new mix goes up, the old one will be deleted from Soundcloud, but they'll be archived and downloadable at the link below. Please keep checking back, if that's a thing you're into. 

Thank you

January Mix

PATRICK JENNINGS – Jane//LIL’ BOB AND THE LOLLIPOPS – The High Road//THE PLEASURE SEEKERS – What A Way To Die//LOW DOWN DA SINISTA – Going Through A Thing//WARDS – Weapon Factory//BROKEN STRINGS - ???//VELVET UNDERGROUND – After Hours//DAVIE ALLAN AND THE ARROWS – The Lonely Rider//KRIGSHODER – Ditt Eget Stalingrad / Hatet//LEE MOSES – You Are Too Much for The Human Heart//FASTBACKS – I Never Knew//JAKE THACKRAY – Scallywag//SKIP GRAVES – I’m Mad At Me//D.L.I.M.C. – Wicker Park//DOROTHY – I Confess//JESSIE HILL – My Love//WARREN BURNS – Losers On A Train//DEAD MOON – Demona//HEAVY COMFORTER – Crazy, Gross and Old//YOGURT – End Of The World//CHIN’S CALYPSO SEXTET – Night Food Recipe//SOLID SPACE – The Guests//BOB SEGER SYSTEM – 2+2

Feb Mix 

TELEVISION – Venus//BIG BOYS – Which Way To Go//SIZE – Tonight//LOST KIDS – Alle Taler//IMMORTAL MICE MEN – Go Too Far//THE OSMONDS – Crazy Horses//LOS CANADIANS – Never Can//BOBBY BLAND – Don’t Cry No More//STEVIE WONDER – Sir Duke//SARAH DIRKS – My Favorite Astronaut//NATURE BOYS – Caught In The Fix//CENTURY 21 – Unfinished//KAOS – Boja//GRASPING AT PIECES – Alabama//THIN LIZZY – Southbound//THE SENSATIONAL GUITARS OF DAN AND DALE – Batmobile Wheels//JOHNNIE FRIERSON – Miracles//VERNON GREEN AND THE PHANTOMS – Sweet Breeze//BUNKER HILL AND LINK WRAY – The Girl Can’t Dance//THE BOBBYTEENS – Hey Roxy//THE JETSONS – Genetically Stupid//ABI OOZE – Right Now And Not Later//WADE DRIVER – Evergreen/Dad //CCR – Someday Never Comes

March Mix 

 IGGY AND THE STOOGES – Shake Appeal//THE PENETRATORS – Drive Me Crazy //MINUTEMEN – Untitled Song For Latin America//IRMA THOMAS – Somebody Told You//THE BELTONES – No More Heartaches// PEGGY LEE – Is That All there Is?//HICKEY – Kingdom Come (outro)//RUSSIAN TSARLAG – On the Street// IMPRACTICAL COCKPIT – Have A Wonderful Death//JACOB BERENDES – Twin Elephants//BLOODWALL – Cello 3//THE MAGITS – Disconnect//BIG KITTY – Your Bird//SUN RA AND HIS INTERGALACTIC SOLAR ARKESTRA – Outer Spaceways Inc//PUMPKIN WITCH – Chased By The Shadows Of Autumn//ASH KREY – Crows//J GALLEGO – Downtown Cruising// JIMI HENDRIX – Little Wing//DAS BEACH BOYS – Street Whites

April Mix 

 CONEHEADS – Smiling Beat Of Life//LOS SAICOS – Demolicion//WILLIE DUNN – I Pity The Country//WHITE TRASH SUPERMAN – Clock//ABNER JAY – I’m So Depressed//SBSM – Teeth//NIGHT FEVER – Fallout//CARLOS MONTOYA – Buleria//DIG & MIG – Skyggerne//G.L.O.S.S. – Outcast Stomp// SUGLUK – I Didn’t Lnow//AVENGERS VI – Good Humor Stomp//SONGS FOR MOMS – Wholey Water// OVENS – Fired From The Vogue Pt. 1//OTIS REDDING – Cigarettes & Coffee//PETER STUBB – Sad Way To Go//THE SPARK PLUGS – Chicken//THEE HEADCOATS – I Wish I Knew What I Was Living For//THE KWOP ORGANIZATION – Lost Cat//VULPESS – Mi Gusta Ser Una Zorra//EPPU NORMAALI – Poliisi Pamputtaa Taas//ARTIMUS PYLE – And All That Remains Is The Sorrow//EDITH NYLON – Tank//THE VICTIMS – I’m Flipped Out Over You//MELVINS – Dr Geek//RUNAWAYS – Wasted 

 May Mix

 YOUNG MARBLE GIANTS – Final Day//ROBERT PALMER – Johnny And Mary//JUANITA ROGERS – I’m So Glad You Love Me//OF MONTREAL – Absent Pilot//PROTOCULTURA – Bomba Nuclear//HOT NEW MEXICANS – The Great Unpaid//WILSON PICKETT – Give Your Lovin’ Right Now//SCHMIDTHEADS – Falling//THE FROGS – The World Will Never Change//DAVID KORESH – Don’t You Be A Laocadean//ANGEL BAT DAWID – London//LEE FIELDS – I Should Have Let you Be//RAINBOW BRIDGE – Big Wave Rider//WIPERS – Mystery//EDDIE & ERNIE – Bullets Don’t Have Eyes//TENDER TANTRUM – Firework//AGENT ORANGE – Everything Turns Grey//THE MOUNTAIN GOATS – Palmcorder Yajna//THE SUPREMES FOUR – I Lost My Job//GASPER NALI – Medel//DEAD MILKMEN – Tugena


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