Thursday, January 7, 2016

JOSE BOVE - Demo - Tape - 2008

   JOSE BOVE came to the small Midwestern college town that I found myself in and aurally destroyed an art gallery...or so I thought. They might have come there. I was convinced that I attended that show, but the more I search my brain, the more I can't remember being there. It probably happened, but I wasn't there. I story, dawg.
   JOSE BOVE was (is?) a sonic fuck-pile of a band. They consisted of two drummers facing each other and other people playing noise/generally fucking up the vibe. They're the sound inside your head when you're on a train jetting through a tube underwater after 5 cups of coffee and you want to kill all the screen starers in your immediate vicinity.
   Information on the band is hard to come by. This tape exists and I know they also released a 7" with hand screened covers. Beyond that, I can't help you. You're on your own now.

   The band is named after a French farmer / activist, who (among many other things) helped to dismantle  a McDonalds in Millau in 1999. I call attention to this act because of the recent near-fetishization of fast food among punks. Some people cry "but I'm broke." Whatever. It's possible to be actually broke (like your pocket hasn't seen money in months) and still not eat that shit. Give me a fucking break. 


Dk said...

Grimce meat (used to make those infamous McDonalds hamburgers) should be registered as a Class A drug and banished from the face of the hungry. Jose Bove sounds like the altered state one would be in if they were to eat at the fast food chain for the 1st time. Images of tiny hamburglars & rubber clowns chasing victims through mazes of giant "M"s while wielding starch soaked knives disguised as french fries animate inside my head when listening to this demo. The perfect PSA for spending limited funds for food on nourishment less threatening . Happy New Year, Greg ...welcome back ...and thanks for the County Z/Impractical Cockpit split too.

Harvester said...

You should've written this entry instead of me.