Thursday, August 28, 2014

YOGURT BRAIN - "Vol 2" - Tape - 2014

   Sleep has been an elusive beast lately and out of the last 48 hours, I've only slept for 3 of them. During that time, my much loved (and kind of fancy) bike got stolen through no fault of my own. It's really bumming me out because I use it every single day and it has been a constant help in my everyday life. This is the third time that a bike of mine has been stolen when it's been secured in a place that I live and I'm sick of it. It also pushed me into a random decision to stop being a nice person. So, if you meet me in the future, be prepared for me to be a total asshole to you.
   I'm going to try to sleep and I put on this YOGURT BRAIN tape, which is the brainchild of my friend and practice space-mate, Steve-O. They've been an active band for a few years now and along with his bandmate/drummer, Stephen, they've been slugging it out in backyards, bars, warehouses, living rooms and street corners, playing folky/rocky/somber and energetic music. They play a lot of covers. On this tape, they stick to songs "written, co-written or popularized by GRAM PARSONS", a man who died in the desert from an overdose of morphine and alcohol and then had his dead body stolen by his friends in a borrowed hearse so that they could fulfill his dying wishes of having his body cremated at Joshua Tree. Dude....I'll just go ahead and put this out there...please don't let me have a funeral in a church and have people talk about God around me. You're welcome to steal my dead body and burn it in front of Cancun on Mission Street.
   Anyway, this is a beautiful tape and they do an excellent job of faithfully rendering some classic jams. They also have a Vol 1 tape out there, but I posted this one because the other one, while also great, contains a GRATEFUL DEAD song. I try my hardest in life to shed the internalized racism that I grew up with. I think homophobia and transphobia is about as fucked up as killing someone. I do my best to not be an ableist prick. I try to keep myself open to new ideas and new experiences and I want to accept people for who they really are, even when their ideals and ideas don't align with mine in any conceivable way (except cops)....but goddamn I hate the GRATEFUL DEAD and many of the people who love them. Just let me have that. Let me hold on to that hate and let it fester. That being said, YOGURT BRAIN's "Vol 1" tape is good too.

Members of UZI RASH, HUFF STUFF MAGAZINE, YOOTS and so many more that I can't even keep track. 


ASSWIPE said...

My roommate put this on one night while I was falling asleep and it was the perfect music to hear in the background. I love this band! Vol. 1 is one of my favorite tapes.

Sorry to hear about your bike, it was so cool.

Dk said...

I'm sorry to hear about your bike, Greg. I hope you're able to get it back & in one piece.

I'm warming up to Vol. 2. It does seem to take the edge off, especially living in tension land where 9 year olds get to fire uzis, cops can kill for kicks (nothing new there) & ALS awareness chooses ice bucket challenges instead of, let's say, feeding a homeless person. I've got a yogurt brain that needs some Yogurt Brain.

P.S. Nothing wrong with being an asshole as long as you shit on the right people. Pun bun intended :)

tyler said...

Hey duderino if i wanted to send a tape to ya to see if you wanted to do a post about it, where would i send it?

Harvester said...

c/o Greg
P,O Box 40786, San Francisco, CA 94140.
I love getting tapes, but make no promises.