Saturday, February 1, 2014

SANDAL STOMP - "No Fun Intended" - Tape - 2013

   I want to start this off by just taking a minute to tell you about one SANDAL STOMP member named Danny. I met Danny in 1998 when he showed up to our house in the Highland Park neighborhood of Chattanooga. Danny was born in Peru and made his way to Miami as a teenager. I don't know much about his background, but I don't think life had been easy in Peru. When he showed up at our house driving a hatchback completely covered in spray-painted slogans, bearing a cow skull bolted to the hood and a ladder from a pool welded to the back, I had to admit that I wanted to know the guy. When he told us he didn't have a license and he had stolen all of the gas to get from south Florida to Tennessee, I was even more intrigued. At that time in Chattanooga, my friends and I would walk down the streets in ripped clothes and dyed hair while people yelled insults at us on a daily basis. I watched Danny walk around with even more fucked up hair, knee pads sewn into his patched camo pants, and a bow and arrow strapped to his back. Most people were too afraid or confused to say anything. Danny constantly made fun of me for not eating meat, calling me a spoiled ass white kid (correct!) and once brought home a squirrel he killed with his bow and arrow. I think he gutted it and ate it in our backyard, but I didn't stick around to find out.
  Through the years, Danny stayed in Chattanooga, became more legal than most of the people I know, had a couple of great kids and fell in love with OI. Even though he introduced me to a lot of great South American punk bands and has always been a solid supporter of the Chattanooga punk scene, I don't think he's ever played in any bands, so it's cool to see him playing bass in SANDAL STOMP.

   SANDAL STOMP comes from a town that is well known for having a lot of great bands who play a jangly style of melodic punk. On the underside of that exterior, there's a ton of bands who are screaming and clawing their way deeper into the slimy basement of a punk house called Anarchtica. SANDAL STOMP plays gruff-voiced, falling apart hardcore and judging from their lyrics, they want to fight you...and skinhead cops. I can imagine that they're awesome to see when you're feeling fucked up, a little hazy and wanting to fight 3 am. Get into it.


You can also order a tape or download this from the band right here.

Sorry I spent all that time talking about one member of the band, but everyone has their story. I could have talked about how I met their drummer at a DEERHOOF show when he played in an ambient noise band, but it's just not as interesting.