Thursday, April 25, 2013

TURBOSLUT - "Order Of The Turboslut" - Tape - 2008

   I got into TURBOSLUT pretty late in the after they had already broken up...but I still knew their every move before they even recorded because my neighbor was tight friends with them. When she got this tape, I listened to it at her house, but I don't remember anything about it because my neighbor talked over the whole thing, telling me how awesome it was. I'm fine with that. I wasn't in the mood for new music and sometimes, I get more excited about my friends fervor over bands than I do about the bands themselves. It worked.
   Years later, I put this tape on in my room and was transported to a feeling that might have been similar to what she was feeling back in that kitchen in 2008. Granted, we are a different gender, close to ten years apart in age and have completely different reference points for the same things, but I could immediately see why she was singing the praises of this tape. It's fierce, feminist, unapologetic, punk, drone-y and political. And like I said, my reference points are different, so I will spare you the Kat Bjelland comparisons and just let you soak this in for yourself.

"Violent men muster
A cowed sensitivity
Living new lives 
In the same old community"

 Pics by Eric Gamiem

Thanks to Kate for her rabid fandom.

Also, I just got back from a really fun tour with FUNERAL CONE a few days ago. Their tape has been on a constant loop in my brain as well as my tape deck. The tape is all sold out and I would just post it here, but it's being released as a 7" EP right this minute. Keep checking with Weirdo / 100% Breakfast Records to get a copy for yourself. It's excellent. 


Ski said...

Dirtyard played with Turboslut in DC and stayed at their house after the show. We all thought they ruled! Thanks for posting this, I was really bummed when I heard they broke up.

AG said...

check out Beck (vocalist)'s new band, Hand Grenade Job. Haunting-minimalist occult-bedtime songs.

Harvester said...

I will! Thanks.